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Establishment of a A$90,000 Scholarship

Client: Cranfield Australian Alumni Association

Project: Establishment of a A$90,000 Scholarship


Our client is the Cranfield Australian Alumni Association of Cranfield University, School of Management in the UK. Cranfield University School of Management, offer one of the best MBA programs in the world and are consistently ranked as one of the best MBA schools.

As a past Cranfield MBA, and now part of the Alumni, we were asked if we would help with the process of establishing a A$90,000 annual scholarship, which would be used to send one outstanding Australian resident to study at Cranfield for their MBA.


  • Our role in this assignment was to:
  • To work with other Cranfield Alumni as a team member, on a pro-bono basis, to help set up the scholarship.
  • We created and guided the candidate selection process so that every candidate had a fair go.


  • Helped define the Web site structure and text content
    • resulting in more than 80,000 hits to the website
    • with over 100 candidates registering interest
    • five candidates making it to the interview stage
    • one winner - in 2007 an engineer from BHP Billiton
  • Assisted with the marketing of the program
  • Defined and managed the candidate selection process
  • Supported the appropriate selection and evaluation of the financial elements of the scholarship
  • Provided support and guidance to the Alumni President
  • The team were very pleased with the work that we have been asked to manage the bookkeeping for the scholarship and consider standing as a State Rep.

"Without Steve's contribution to the scholarship, it would never have happened in the timescale. Apart from being willing to pitch in whenever and wherever needed, Steve also developed meticulous and professional processes to run the Australia-wide screening of candidates. Getting your work "swiped" by the other MBA's on the team is the ultimate compliment!"

Alexandra Chapman,
President, Cranfield Australian Alumni Association

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