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Our regular events and seminars give you access to our and our associates' expertise at a bargain price - in some cases, free!

Events we have planned for the near future include:


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Strategy - Surfing the Financial Tsunami

For the 1st time in Melbourne.

Steve Wood of Success Enterprises Consulting,

Chris Thomson of HWL Consulting

will be presenting....  Surfing the Financial Tsunami.

Surfing the Finanial Tsunami



How you lead your business through these turbulent conditions depends on your perspective:

Sink, swim or surf - it's up to you.

But only those with practised skills and preparation will be able to confidently manage these extreme conditions.




Where: HWL Consulting, L21 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

DATE TO BE ADVISED:  12 noon prompt to 2pm

Cost: $55 per person inc GST 
Bookings and further information:
Tel: 0424 325 763



Winning the Pitch - Converting More of Your Sales

In this thought provoking workshop/training conference, Steve Wood and Adam Wydeman will lead you in a frank discussion about why some salespeople are able to convert many more sales calls into actual profit for their business by following some very simple, yet proven steps to ensure that the odds are stacked in their favour rather than the other way around.

Most people will know the well used statistic that "90% of all sales come from 10% of the salespeople in a particular company".

Would you rather have yourself and your staff selling or trying to sell?

Winning the Pitch is a three part evening consisting of the following:

1.  A Lead Discussion

  • Learn the basics of how to walk a client through the initial information gathering process prior to negotiation
  • How to respond to potential leads
  • The probing questions to ask a potential client before writing a proposal or tender
  • How to respond to difficult questions
  • How to get a meeting with a key person
  • The SIX most important things that you need to know before meeting with a potential client
  • How to promote the benefits of your unique sales proposition (USP) against a customers needs and wants

2.  A Directed Role Play

This is a real life situation role play workshop where you will experience first hand what to do and more importantly what not to do in a sales call

Experience the entire sales process, from:

  • Cold Call to getting through Reception (gatekeeper)
  • Making an appointment to Researching the company
  • The First Meeting to the Sales Negotiation

3.  How to Apply This to Your Business

We will finish with a step by step guide to implementing these Profit Generating strategies in your own business.

What will you leave this amazing workshop with?

You will obtain key skills and knowledge on:

  • How to approach a sale
  • How to get in contact with the right person
  • What you need to know before you start the negotiation
  • When you should talk about price
  • Why you should never discount your products or services
  • How to really enhance your offer with customer focused value adds

After the event you will receive by email:

  • The Overall Sales Process
  • The Ultimate List of Open Questions designed for almost every Sales Occasion

Seats are strictly limited. Do not miss out on the thousands of dollars in lost profit that your business could be making right now.

Sessions are held regularly: Contact us at to be the first to know when the next one is planned.



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