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Strategic Analysis for High Growth IT Company

Client: Web based IT Service Company

Project: Strategic Analysis


Our client's business is part of a small group of companies and is growing rapidly. Revenue falls in the A$ 5m to $50m turnover range in 2005-2006 period, is planned to increase drastically over the next few years.

The business directors were looking for additional support to review the business from an independent outsider's perspective and then help to prepare documentation to simply describe the business in an easy to understand manner to the increasing number of new employees as well as potential external investors at the right time.


Our role in this assignment was to:

  • To undertake a high level review of the business
  • To prepare an overview PowerPoint presentation that could then be used to explain the business to new employees and potential external investors
  • To present the findings at the Group's Executive Board Meeting

We used a structured method over a three week period to review the existing situation, capturing and analysing information relating to:

  • The Proposition, the Value Chain and Market Size & Segmentation
  • A Technology Roadmap for new products
  • Financials for revenue, cost and profitability
  • Timeline: high level plan for what is required
  • Risks: Analysis of expected risks

  • We compiled the existing information and presented it in an easy to understand format
  • We acted to challenge existing assumptions and be a sounding board for the MD
  • We introduced the concept of a High Level Product Development Plan, which is now being used to plan future product development
  • We pulled together a Risk Analysis, which the MD then used in board meetings to inform and guide the discussion of the Group Board.
  • Gaps existed in the original understanding of the level of competition. Our analysis showed where the competition existed and we provided guidance on meeting that potential threat
  • Our market analysis work showed that there was plenty of scope for further growth which prompted renewed discussion on appropriate market positioning and pricing

"Success Enterprises Consulting's review of our business successfully challenged some of our business assumptions. It gave us a better understanding of our own business and was completed within 3 weeks. We are pleased with the outcome, together we acheived more in that time than many months of solo effort."

Managing Director, Melbourne

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