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Preparing your business for sale

When you've been in business for a while, you may find that you want to have a change and do something else.

Maybe you want to hand on the business to the next in line.

Or maybe you want to sell the business, take the cash, and enjoy life in the slow lane.


The Pre-Sale Value Maximiser

This service is for people who are thinking about exiting their business, and would like to take the time now (a while before the business is actually put up for sale) to get everything prepared and in order, and to maximise the sale value (or price) of the business.

You will work through a series of focused workshops, under our guidance, that will ask you to think critically about your business, from the viewpoint of an outsider who may want to buy the business at a future date.


What you will get

  • An understanding of the theory behind the valuation work
  • A detailed workbook to capture your thoughts and answer the specific questions that arise at each stage
  • A valuation range for the business which can be supported by the evidence that has been collected
  • A good understanding of what you will need to do NOW in order to crystallise that future value
  • A good understanding of the risks in the process


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