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New Market Analysis for Software Company

Client: Software Development Company

Project: Market Analysis


Our client is an established business of 30 years and is expert in writing software for various SME and Corporate applications.

We were requested to review a new market to help inform the board in their decision as to whether?to invest in or kill the development of the product for the next stage of growth.

  • Our role in this assignment was to:
  • To review the A$ size, structure, growth trends in the market
  • To establish segmentation
  • To gather insight from selected customer interviews from each segment
  • To help with the discussion at the board meeting

Since there is no one single source of expert information on this market, we collated publicly available information from various sources, and made telephone and face to face contact with our target audience to compile the picture of the market.

  • We defined the size, texture and growth in the market place
  • Our sample interviews filled in the colour between the lines of the dry numerical analysis
  • The client was able to be informed about the potential size and scope for his business to grow

"Thanks Success Enterprises Consulting, I appreciate your great work on this project and feel it gives us a good picture to progress our new product. I look forward to future opportunities to work together"

Managing Director, Melbourne

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