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Strategic Growth Planning for NRMA


NRMA MotoringClient: NRMA Motoring Services

Project: Strategic Growth Planning


NRMA is one of Australia's largest breakdown and motoring services companies with a turnover of A$258m (2006). The organisation had experienced several years of difficult business results and was now looking to grow their top line motoring services revenue and associated profit streams.

We were engaged by Affinity MakerTM, a specialist in the field of Affinity Parterships for Revenue Growth, to help their client, the NRMA with identifying and scoping out new business opportunities which would add value to the member base and the organisation.


Our role in this assignment was to:

  • To generate alternatives for a business growth strategy
  • To generate a wide range of possible product and service opportunities for each element of this growth strategy
  • To evaluate those ideas for revenue potential, profit margin and growth potential.
  • To work towards a single opportunity which would be a great fit with the NRMA skill set and trusted brand positioning in the market place
  • To evaluate the range of possible offerings against the Australian and International competition
  • To conduct a very thorough service provider evaluation, with the aim of matching product category expertise with operational capability

  • We used a wide range of strategic thinking tools to generate and evaluate over 150 new business ideas
  • We helped the NRMA to focus on those areas that were best suited to meeting their business objectives, and steer away from business ideas that would potentially absorb much management time, without necessarily generating the desired financial return.
  • Ultimately they were well positioned to take advantage of the business opportunity that our evaluation helped to create

"We are very pleased with the outcome to date. Before we started, we had far too many opportunities ahead of us and we needed some help to gain clarity and focus. Robin and Steve did a fantastic job in helping us to focus on the most important and most profitable opportunities.

We are very happy to use their Affinity Maker TM and strategic consulting services again as we work towards the implementation of those business opportunities."

Rowena Frith,
Product Implementation Manager, Retail Motoring, NRMA

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