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Grow the business


Our client had bought the business a few years ago, and had found managing the business and growth to be challenging. Our client had managed to learn the business and had stabilised revenues.

In 2009, the CEO, Steve Filiposki, was concerned that the business was not making enough money and, as the boss he now needed some help to move the business forward. He was very tired, unfocussed and unclear about what to do next.


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Pre-Start Up Business Plan and Risk Assessment

Our client was considering buying a franchise opportunity. He had not run a business before and wanted some help to make sure that the business opportunity would deliver as advised by the Master Franchisor, and that he knew about the risks before he actually parted with his investment monies.

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CEO Review process for A$7m Community Health Service

Knox is one of Melbourne's community health services with a turnover of A$ 7.4m (2007). The organisation has grown significantly, up from A$4m in 2006, and was looking for a fair and transparent way of conducting a CEO review process.

We were engaged to help KCHS with identifying best practice for a CEO review and then helping them to work that process

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Strategy - which route to take for business profitability?

The MD had started and grown the business, and was now considering his strategic options for further growth.

 Options being considered were further organic growth, then either merge with or sell to another firm.

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2008 Scholarship awarded to Robert Milagre

CAASF awards a scholarship worth over A$90,000 each year to a very talented Australian to study for a full time MBA at Cranfield in the UK. Our role this year was to manage the selection process to help the CAASF team pick the winner.

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Election as Vice President of VIC Chapter IMC

We are very proud to have Stephen Wood elected as a Vice President of the Institute of Management Consultants, Victorian Chapter.

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Strategic Growth Planning for NRMA

NRMA is one of Australia's largest breakdown and motoring services companies with a turnover of A$258m (2006). The organisation had experienced several years of difficult business results and was now looking to grow their top line motoring services revenue and associated profit streams.

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Establishment of a A$90,000 Scholarship

Our client is the Cranfield Australian Alumni Association of Cranfield University, School of Management in the UK. Cranfield University School of Management, offer one of the best MBA programs in the world and are consistently ranked as one of the best MBA schools.

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A$90,000 Scholarship Winner meets head of ANZ and BHP Billiton

An inaugural scholarship worth $90,000 to undertake an MBA at Cranfield School of Management in the UK has been awarded to a 28-year-old chemical engineer with BHP Billiton. The award is the highest value scholarship available in Australia for one year of postgraduate study.

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Grow the Business

New Market Analysis for Software Company

Our client is an established business of 30 years and is expert in writing software for various SME and Corporate applications. We were requested to review a new market to help inform the board in their decision as to whether to invest in or kill the development of the product for the next stage of growth.

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Grow a Business

Strategic Analysis for High Growth IT Company

Our client's business is part of a small group of companies and is growing rapidly. Revenue falls in the A$ 5m to $50m turnover range in 2005-2006 period, is planned to increase drastically over the next few years.

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Start a business

A$64,000 Grant for a Start-up Auto Electronics Business

The client had been working on a new business idea for 3 years, and was struggling to obtain finance to support the development of the product.

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Organisational Change for Victorian Charity

Our client's business is a 30 person team within the larger charity, Vicdeaf.

The market place changes which have occurred over the last 5-10 years have meant that hearservice needs to adapt to meet the current market situation.

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Strategic Growth Support for Telematics Company

Our client is a director of a telematics, asset tracking business.

One of their businesses has recently put in for and won preferred candidate role for a A$ multi-million contract (A$0 to A$10m range) to supply and run telematics, GPS based, asset tracking technology for a client who had a fleet of 2200 passenger and other vehicles.

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Making the Competition Irrelevant

Our client has been experiencing rapid organic growth over the past few years.

As a consequence of this growth, and some past business activity, a competitor had initiated the makings of a competitive campaign.

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Business Valuation for Publishing Company

Our clients are the directors of a group of companies.

One of their businesses is a relatively new publishing business with around 2 years worth of trading behind them.

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Business Valuation for Training Company

Our client runs a Victorian based registered training company, which was growing.

We were requested to help them establish a value for the business so that they could then sell part of it (around 10% to 20%) to a valuable employee, whom the client wanted to encourage to stay and help grow the business.

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Pre-bid M&A evaluation

Our client was considering expanding into Europe by acquisition.

One target was a GB £100m (A$ 250m) turnover vehicle leasing company in Germany.

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Financial Evaluation for £100m UK Auto Replacement Glass Business

Our client was considering buying a smaller auto glazing competitor which had recently come onto the market.

We were asked to assist the Finance Director in evaluating the possible transaction.

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Competitor Profiling & Evaluation for £1200m UK Vechicle Services Business

Our client, the Corporate Strategy section of a UK public limited company, was evaluating which where to invest for future business growth.

We were asked to carry out competitor profiling and evaluation of 11 specifically selected target companies.

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Betas and Cost of Capital Evaluation

Our client was reviewing their borrowing capacity, as a precursor to conducting business growth activities.

Determination of Betas & Cost of Capital for a UK plc and subsidiaries.

The results were to be used by client's Corporate Finance team to define the correct level of corporate borrowing capacity to support growth by acquisition.

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Aftermarket Business Case Development

Our client needed to significantly grow their business. They had set themselves the target of doubling the aftermarket business within 5 years.

The client needed a way to focus activity and work on the right growth opportunities.

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Create a New Management Information System

Our client was entering a new market and needed help in defining a new management information system so that management could understand what was going on within the business

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Reduce cash burn rate. 6 weeks to 6 months grace.

Beachside Creative is a start-up sales, marketing and advertising agency aimed at SMEs.

The MD of the business was concerned that, although the business had started well, the business had stalled and needed clarity on direction and focus.

The business at the time had such a high cash burn rate that it only had 6 weeks of life left before running out of cash.

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