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Affinity Maker

Specialises in establishing affinity relationships between companies that deliver real commercial value



BSB Australia

Management Consultants who are great at Strategy and IT within the SME & Corporate space


Business Kits

Provides start up assessment to avoid the risks of being in business, before going into business



Contact Point

Specialises in helping companies deliver real value from their IT implementations




Experts in finding and winning State and Federal grants for business


Great Australian Cycle Expedition


Kate Leeming cycled around Australia.

All 25,000km of it.

On tarmac and offroad through deserts and rainforests.

Kate is expert at project planning, risk mitigation and keeping motivated



Integrity and

Specialises in creating leaders with great attitudes who live and work with integrity

Quantum Transformations

Specialises in assisting businesses to achieve exceptional results fast
Vesna Grubacevic is a Performance Transformation Expertâ„¢ who is passionate about empowering business owners to develop a mindset for business success, to boost sales and to influence, lead and motivate their teams for exceptional results.

Franchise development with Spectrum Analysis

Spectrum Analysis 

Specialises in franchise site seclection and territory planning

Spectrum Analysis is one of Australia's leading franchise site selection and territory planning experts. They help their clients to figure out where the best locations are for new franchise outlet investments, and help existing franchises optimise their existing outlet portfolio.



StarkReality Marketing

Specialises in strategic marketing and marketing communications
Stark Reality Marketing works with Business-to-Business (B2B) and Professional Services companies facing the difficult task of finding, attracting and retaining customers on a limited marketing budget in increasingly competitive environments

success stories about growing a business and government grants